Since 1967, a small group of dedicated lawyers and paralegals have been coming together to deliver civil legal aid to the poor and elderly in Northeastern Massachusetts.  Originally they formed two not-for-profits: Neighborhood Legal Services and Merrimack Valley Legal Services.  Recently NLS and MVLS merged.  You are welcome to learn more about the 2014 merger of Neighborhood Legal Services and Merrimack Valley Legal Services to form Northeast Legal Aid with full-service offices in Lynn, Lowell and Lawrence, Massachusetts.

NLA's legal services include everything from community legal education and counsel and advice, to full representation in complex litigation.  NLA lawyers and paralegals handle a wide range of civil legal problems including:

  • Housing evictions and foreclosures,

  • Consumer Debt,

  • Public Benefits,

  • Veterans legal needs,

  • Elders legal needs,

  • Immigration matters,

  • Community Development,

  • Health law, and

  • Domestic Violence

  • Victims of crime and survivors of homicide victims with civil legal needs resulting from these crimes

Most of our services are limited to those who meet certain financial eligibility requirements, unless you are a victim of crime or a survivor of a homicide victim with a related legal need.  We recommend that if you need civil legal services and cannot afford an attorney, you contact us and let us determine if we can offer the service you need.


Learn more about our subsidiary, Northeast Justice Center.



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